Best of the breed Free Open Source Billing System and CRM!

We have created the best of the breed open source billing solution that offers the most flexible options for customer management, subscriptions, Telecom, converged billing, discounts and bundles.It is also available as SaaS for SMEs

Take your products online in few minutes and Start Selling

OpenBRM deploys with an integrated ecommerce component which let's you launch your website in few minutes. Just not website, start selling your subscription products online immedialtely. In the background, OpenBRM takes care of recurring billing, payment processing etc.


Flexible Product Bundling

You can easily offer most attractive plans to customer in few minutes. Using our flexible bundle manager, you can offer a plan like
'3 Month Free High Speed Broadband @ just $9.95 from 4th month with one-off setup fee as little as $10'.


Generic Inventory Manager

OpenBRM deploys with a generic Invetory module. Helps service providers track customer devices in the billing system. It supports various device type like SIM, MSISDN, MODEM, IP pool and OTHER to address alomost any of the business specific requirement. Inventory manager is seamlessly integrated with subscription management.


Matured Subscription Manager

Subscription Manager is designed to handle every operation around the customer's subscription. Change Plan, Upgrade, Downgrade, Cancel Plan, Activate, Inactivate (provisioning interface too). Link device, update associated device, manage bundled credits etc..


Integrated Payment Processing

OpenBRM supports many Payment Gateways by default. This means, your payment solutions are ready just by setting up a merchant account with a Payment processor of your choice. To name a few, Authorize.Net,PaymentsGateway,Paypal,FirstData,DIBS,PayWay,ChasePaymentTech...


Built-In CRM

OpenBRM has an in built CRM module to generate Quotes and handle Support Tickets. Send bulk SMS/Email notification, setup automatic reminders for customers (anniversaries, refills etc)


Powerful Rating Engine for Telcos

OpenBRM is integrated with OpenRate, an open source super fast rating engine. It can process 1000 cdrs per second. It takes a few hours to setup a parser for your CDR, be it delimited, fixed length, binary (TAP, ASN1 etc), fed from a DB OR in real-time (diameter, radius)


Integration API

OpenBRM exposes all the API over SOAP, REST etc. It enables easy integration with any system like CRM, company website etc.


OpenBRM an open source billing system offers industry-leading features and functionality.

100% Customizable

OpenBRM is a mature open source solution built on a time-tested framework. This means that OpenBRM is not only stable, reliable, and easy to use, but also gives you complete control over your payment software.

Superb Performance

With a integrated OpenRate super fast rating engine, OpenBRM becomes best-in-class open source Billing and Rating software ever made.

Best solution ever!

OpenBRM can accommodate a range of billing scenarios, including subscriptions, one-time payments, pre-payments, tiered usage payments, and more.

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