Payment Gateway Support

Use plug-ins to integrate with your preferred payment gateway.

Switching to OpenBRM doesn’t mean you have to change payment gateways. Your customers can continue making payments in a way that works for your business and you can use localized payment gateways—or any gateway of choice—as time goes on.

Integration API

Set up OpenBRM to communicate fluidly with your own application.

Since OpenBRM is built on open source software standards, integrating is fast and easy. Moreover, many relational database management system (RDBMS) vendors already run OpenBRM, which means you can access your billing data straight from your application. OpenBRM also follows Software Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles, standards that allow the OpenBRM GUI to use the API as an interaction point with the server. Through the API, any application can complete the same functions as the GUI.It provides SOAP API for secure integration and RESTful API for internal application integration

Integrated Third-Party Softwares


OpenBRM an open source billing system offers industry-leading features and functionality.

100% Customizable

OpenBRM is a mature open source solution built on a time-tested framework. This means that OpenBRM is not only stable, reliable, and easy to use, but also gives you complete control over your payment software.

Superb Performance

With a integrated OpenRate super fast rating engine, OpenBRM becomes best-in-class open source Billing and Rating software ever made.

Best solution ever!

OpenBRM can accommodate a range of billing scenarios, including subscriptions, one-time payments, pre-payments, tiered usage payments, and more.

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