OpenBRM offers industry-leading features and functionality.

About Us

Open BRM is a carrier-grade billing platform aimed at telecommunications, Subscription, Utilities and logistics organizations. Built using state of the art but future proof technology, this project takes over from where JBilling can arrive.

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OpenBRM an open source billing system offers industry-leading features and functionality.

100% Customizable

OpenBRM is a mature open source solution built on a time-tested framework. This means that OpenBRM is not only stable, reliable, and easy to use, but also gives you complete control over your payment software.

Superb Performance

With a integrated OpenRate super fast rating engine, OpenBRM becomes best-in-class open source Billing and Rating software ever made.

Best solution ever!

OpenBRM can accommodate a range of billing scenarios, including subscriptions, one-time payments, pre-payments, tiered usage payments, and more.

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