Closing the gap between technical installations and true billing success.


With the support and advice of our technical consultants, you can integrate OpenBRM with countless other systems. We'll provide advice, design, code reviews, and a set of best practices to help you achieve integration success.


Our functional consultants specialize in OpenBRM's configuration and will assist you in implement a billing solution that meets your business needs.

Custom Developments

Whether you're looking for a new feature, or a proof of concept, we can provide the most cost-efficient solution. OpenBRM's lead developers have the right skills to address your most complex issues.

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Our MVNA/MVNE/MVNO services enable small/medium/large businesses to an MVNO with the out of the box solutions with instant access to network, products and services.

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Interconnection Billing

Our interconnection platform can quickly and easily be adapted to your exact needs, and provides tremendous throughput and highly evolved scenario categorization and traffic rating capabilities

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OpenBRM an open source billing system offers industry-leading features and functionality.

100% Customizable

OpenBRM is a mature open source solution built on a time-tested framework. This means that OpenBRM is not only stable, reliable, and easy to use, but also gives you complete control over your payment software.

Superb Performance

With a integrated OpenRate super fast rating engine, OpenBRM becomes best-in-class open source Billing and Rating software ever made.

Best solution ever!

OpenBRM can accommodate a range of billing scenarios, including subscriptions, one-time payments, pre-payments, tiered usage payments, and more.

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